Flat Socks - KIDS!! (8Toddler-4Kids)

$ 9.99

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FLAT SOCKS are an innovative and disruptive sock solution for those that don't love socks

FLAT SOCKS provide all of the comfort, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial properties of socks without the slipping, sliding, and bunching that liners do. They are incredibly perfect to wear with Vans, Converse, and essentially any footwear silhouette as they are trim to fit.

Lastly, they are completely machine washable and dry-able!    No more lost socks!

️ Won’t Show… Really!
️ Won’t Slip or Roll Down
️ Antimicrobial Technology
️ Cushioning Layer of Foam
️ Moisture-Wicking Sweat Control
️ Machine Washable
️ Dryer Safe
️ Trim-to-Fit Any Shoe
️ Fun Colors and Prints


To trim, if possible, remove current insole in shoe and use as a trim guide for your kids FLAT SOCKS. If you can't remove shoe insole, use trim guides on the back of FLAT SOCKS to trim to your kids correct size. 

No Slip
The underside is a super grippy textured foam surface. These things seriously don't budge!

No Stink
FLAT SOCKS create a moisture-wicking barrier that saves your shoes from becoming a stinky swamp!

No Hassle
Have you spent 30 minutes in the morning trying to get your kid to wear socks? The struggle is real. All the benefits of a sock without the hassle. Throw 'em in the wash as often as you'd like.

How Much Do They Weigh?
They’re actually pretty light :D — Easily slip these FLAT SOCKS for Kids into any shoes to create the ultimate paradise for your kiddo’s feet. No more hassle with traditional socks, use FLAT SOCKS!



$ 9.99