Multicolor Checkered Weekender

$ 48.00

Estimated delivery between July 23 and July 25.

Explore the allure of the latest addition—the Multicolored Checkered Pattern Weekender Bag! This spacious and stylish duffle bag is a delightful fusion of fashion-forward design and practical functionality. Embracing the trendiness of checkerboard patterns with a vibrant, multihued twist, this bag exudes contemporary charm. A standout accessory for the modern traveler, it offers ample storage for essentials while delivering on-point style. Boasting high-quality construction and an eye-catching aesthetic, this gem is poised to captivate those seeking both fashion and utility in their travel accessories.

20 in. x 8.5 in. x 12 in. *100% polyester * zipper closure * handle straps * optional crossbody straps * water-resistant lining