Nifty Note Pads (Multiple Styles!)

$ 6.00

Estimated delivery between July 23 and July 25.


4 x 5.25 inches, 50 sheets


Awesome Citation: It's awesome to be awesome. And it's even more awesome to be told you're awesome. Issue this declaration of awesomeness to an awesome person to express feelings of amazement or admiration. It'll be awesome. • Hello, awesome office gifts for coworkers + employee appreciation gifts + awesome-human gifts! • If we say "awesome" one more time, you'll never forget the title of these funny notepads • Guaranteed to make someone's day 

Random Note of Kindness: The world needs more random goodness, right? Now you can do your part to spread funny, positive affirmations across the land (or office, or wherever) with practically no effort. You probably know at least a dozen people who deserve this note pad, including you. Go forth and be randomly kind! • File under: paper encouragement, volunteer appreciation gifts, lunch box notes! • Help people feel good & stress less—randomly! • 

Mood Alert: This notepad harnesses the power & simplicity of grade-school feelings charts. Because sometimes (most of the time?) grownups need help saying how they feel. Let friends, family, and coworkers know why you’re acting that way—without the hassle and inconvenience of face-to-face communication! • Just ’cause work’s boring, doesn’t mean notepads for work have to be boring! • File under: small gifts, funny office supplies, coworker gifts & college student must haves! • 

WTF: Spell out your befuddlement in the midst of any circumstance (while also channeling pent-up frustration) with the English-speaking world’s most expressive acronym and the simple check of a box or two. It’s the ultimate FYI. • Need office gifts for coworkers? • These funny notepads = LOLs guaranteed • Hello, handy office notepad that’s also a great gift for anyone who ever leaves the house! • 


$ 6.00