Wabi Whiffs - Toilet Bombs - {Multiple Scents}

$ 18.00

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Be the Boss of Your No. 2 and avoid poo anxiety. Don't hide these stylish Toilet Love Bombs! Keep them handy and eliminate poo odor instantly. Drop 1-2 fizzing bombs (no judging) into the toilet. An effervescing fragrant film forms on the toilet water trapping and eliminating odors. Just Drop, Go and Flush when done.

Approximately 60 poos

Contains cosmetic non-staining color, natural essential oils, biodegradable glitter, citric acid, and baking soda Discreet, convenient and works instantly Dissolves quickly with no need to wait for bombs to totally dissolve just DROP & GO and Have a Poo Happy Day! Septic safe (that’s code for YES, it’s safe to flush!) Non-Toxic bathroom odor solution Great for offices, roomies & all shared spaces



Man Cave: (Vetiver + Bergamot) Suave, dashing swagger. Vetiver and Bergamot come together for a whiff that’s all man. Contains blue and gray fizzing hearts with blue and black biodegradable glitter.

Butterfly Gardens: (Cashmere + Ginger Lily) Fresh white musk tropical floral combined with a woodsy warm spice. Reminiscent of Tuberose. Contains blue and orange fizzing hearts with blue and orange biodegradable glitter.

Drop In The Ocean: (Lemongrass + Sea Salt) Lemongrass and sea salt crash together like ocean waves at first light. Aromas of botanical coastal grasses, clean and crisp. Contains blue and green fizzing hearts with blue and green biodegradable glitter.

Purple Fields: (Lavender + Vanilla) Calming lavender and creamy notes of vanilla with sugary musk. Contains pale purple fizzing hearts with purple biodegradable glitter.

Walk In The Woods: (Oak + Black Currant) Black currant, bergamot and apples blended expertly with notes of patchouli, birch and oak with hints of musk. Contains green and brown fizzing hearts with green and bronze biodegradable glitter.

Beachfront (Lemongrass) Citrus aromatic blend of lemon, ginger and bright mint.

Bling (Plumeria) Unique and exotic bouquet of sensuous flowers for a sophisticated feminine floral fragrance. Contains yellow and white fizzing hearts with gold and silver biodegradable glitter.

Crystal Night (Grapefruit + Bergamot) Keeping your throne happy is easy with our crisp sweet floral blend of pink grapefruit and bergamot. Contains red fizzing hearts with red biodegradable glitter.

Lullaby (Lavender + Cotton) Be soothed with cotton and lavender for a subtle clean fragrance. Contains blue and yellow fizzing hearts with blue and gold biodegradable glitter.

Magical Unicorns (Jasmine) Suspend reality where whimsy meets fantasy with intoxicating Jasmine fragrance reminiscent of forests filled with fairies and unicorns. Contains purple and pink fizzing hearts with purple and pink biodegradable glitter.

Mystical Mermaids (Gardenia + Lily) Gardenias and Lilies swirl together making this a perfect floral aquatic fragrance. Contains green fizzing hearts with green biodegradable glitter.

Potty Time (Honeysuckle) Honeysuckle, the perfect blend of sweet honey and summer flowers that transport you to a carefree fragrance experience. Contains yellow fizzing hearts with gold biodegradable glitter.

Summer Blossom (Mandarin + Ginger + Sandalwood + Amber) Energizing and intoxicating mandarin and ginger with sultry notes of sandalwood and amber. Contains orange fizzing hearts with orange biodegradable glitter.

Whisky (Cask Aged Oak + Vanilla) Aged to perfection with hints of oak, malted musk with berry infused barley. Contains tan fizzing hearts with bronze biodegradable glitter.



Wabi Whiffs - Toilet Bombs - {Multiple Scents}

$ 18.00

$ 18.00