Wabi Whiffs - Toilet Sprinkle Singles - {Multiple Scents}

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12 pack On-The-Go Toilet Sprinkle Singles

Be the Boss of Your No.2 and avoid poo anxiety. Convenient, Discreet & Portable ON-THE-GO SINGLE USE Toilet Sprinkles (powders) eliminate poo and bathroom odors instantly when sprinkled in your beloved throne prior to your go!

Directions: Just Tear the Pouch Sprinkle contents into toilet bowl water. An effervescing fragrant film quickly forms on the toilet water Watch it FIZZ & then do your BIZ

Details ::  Decorative box contains 12 pre-dosed single use easy tear on-the-go singles Contains cosmetic non-staining color and/ or mica, natural essential oils, biodegradable glitter, citric acid, and baking soda Discreet, convenient and works instantly Recyclable pouch material Septic safe (that’s code for YES, it’s safe to flush!)



Man Cave: (Vetiver + Bergamot) Suave, dashing swagger. Vetiver and Bergamot come together for a whiff that’s all man. Contains blue and gray fizzing hearts with blue and black biodegradable glitter.

Butterfly Gardens: (Cashmere + Ginger Lily) Fresh white musk tropical floral combined with a woodsy warm spice. Reminiscent of Tuberose. Contains blue and orange fizzing hearts with blue and orange biodegradable glitter.

Drop In The Ocean: (Lemongrass + Sea Salt) Lemongrass and sea salt crash together like ocean waves at first light. Aromas of botanical coastal grasses, clean and crisp. Contains blue and green fizzing hearts with blue and green biodegradable glitter.

Purple Fields: (Lavender + Vanilla) Calming lavender and creamy notes of vanilla with sugary musk. Contains pale purple fizzing hearts with purple biodegradable glitter.

Crystal Night: (Grapefruit + Bergamot) Keeping your throne happy is easy with our crisp sweet floral blend of pink grapefruit and bergamot. Contains red fizzing hearts with red biodegradable glitter.



Wabi Whiffs - Toilet Sprinkle Singles - {Multiple Scents}

$ 14.00

$ 14.00